"Joey is awesome helps anytime you need him and couldn’t have bought my house without him and his team they are great.He is also selling my old home for me ."

pam bush2
6 Derek lane murphy nc 28906




"Joey was great to work with. The house sold much quicker than I expected it to. To me, this speaks to the promotion abilities of the agency in this area. Joey and I were like minded when it came to negotiation so things in that area went very smoothly."

300 Knob Hill Rd, Marble, NC 28905





Joey Reid is a native NC resident, and therefore is very knowledgeable. He and his staff were extremely helpful in guiding us through both buying and selling property. We have purchased both a house and other property and have sold a house through Mr. Reid and were very satisfied with his  performance. He was also helpful in helping us find plumbers, electricians, handy men, and people to help us move. We were very satisfied with Mr. Reid and would highly recommend him to others. P & S Leslie 7/11/17



"The selling process can be very stressful and emotional. Sonya helped us through the process and helped keep us on track. We really appreciated her communication and willingness to talk outside normal business hours." Skee and Lorra Orr 626 Old Evans Rd, Murphy, NC 28906



Joey persisted in making a sale in a market flooded with vacation homes. He kept us informed of progress and helped us find reasonable maintenance staff to keep our vacant property in top condition for showings. He delivered for us!"

J. Guinn

Joey helped us to find the perfect property. stayed in our budget, (all other agents tried to sell lots over our price plan) and was there all thru the buying process, even filing for a permit on our behalf, not his job, but was happy to help. My opinion, if you have Joey for your agent you are  very fortunate. We were glad Joey was there for our second purchase the following year. Greg & Cindy




"Joey and Sonya Reid are wonderful to work with. Joey found property that we purchased to build a new home and then listed our previous home for sale after we moved and it was sold two months later. I believe that Joey and Sonya being western north Carolina natives have tremendous knowledge of the tri state area and know of or can find quickly what you want to buy and Joey made selling a home a breeze."

480 point overlook trail, murphy n.c. 28906



Oct. of 2016, my wife and I were looking for land in the Murphy area. Being from the Raleigh area, we were having little luck finding the right spot. Just on a whim. We stopped at Appalachian Land Company. Did not know anything about or anyone there. Joey was in, we told him what we were looking  for and he asked if we could come by the next day, he had some places in mind. We arrived the next day, hopped in Joey's truck and started our search with what was an agent that quickly became a friend. Joey showed us one place that was okay. But as we walked that property and talked, he truly listened. He asked questions, he wanted to know exactly what we were looking for. After that first stop, Joey took the time to show us Fields of the Wood. An awesome place we had no idea existed. He told us about his time growing up there and the area. He let us know he cared about us as people, not just clients. After that, with what he had learned about us, he took us to a spot that was exactly what we were looking, and in the right price range to boot. No more looking needed. He answered all our questions, and told us some things that we did not know to ask. We called Joey the following Monday to make an offer on the land. But my money would be tied up until spring. He called the seller and called me back in 10 min. informing us that that was okay. Joey arranged all the title and legal stuff. It could bot have been any easier. We closed 4/3/17, as planned. We got to see our friend and just sit and talk. I could not imagine having anyone doing a better job than Joey Reid. I just wish he could be in Raleigh when we get ready to sale our home here.

Kenny & Lisa Privette



Joey and his assistant went above and beyond the call of duty finding and showing us properties. We were out of state buyers looking for land and they were always available and had a great knowledge of the local market. We would highly recommend them and use them again when needed.

Dennis Morris



Joey is the best! He and his team are professional, knowledgeable, and caring. When my husband and I would travel to Murphy to look at potential properties, Joey would take the time to show us what was on our " to do list" and more. Great experience- I would absolutely recommend him.

Jennifer Black


Joey was very helpful in identifying and showing potential purchases. He spent the better part of 2 days with us. When we decided to contract for one, he and his staff were very helpful.

Lois & Tom
Joey Reid is an excellent realtor. I would highly recommend him to others. We were very indecisive about what we were doing and spent over a year looking at properties on and off. He was very patient and did everything in his power to assist us. We did find the house we wanted. When it came to the  actual purchase and closing process he was on top of everything and kept us well informed as to what was going on. (We were doing this long distance.) We feel as if we have made a new friend. 
Ginger Langer 10/10/16


Joey & Sonya Reid were highly recommended by close friends and we were not disappointed. They know the area and found us just what we wanted! We had worked with 2 others previously who had not found us what we were hoping for.

M. Wilcox

Easy to rate Joey! The best we have EVER had in our many years of buying and selling---yes, he has MUCH local knowledge since he has been here all his life, knows the process, is very responsive to returning calls and answering questions, and his "negotiation skills" are pretty impressive too!   Oh, yeah, his assistant Connie is number one too. Thanks, Joey and Connie! 

Chuck & Gayle 7/29/16


Dear Folks:

I have had a number of dealings with the Appalachian Land Company thru your Sonya Reid.

She sold me two houses the past two years and sold one thru your office. Needless to say, Sonya is really a positive thinker and one that your company can be mighty proud to have on staff.

It has always been a most pleasant relationship in my dealings with Sonya and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who may be interested in purchasing a home in Cherokee County.

 Again, your organization can also be proud in the way you advertise your many listings by way of television, newspapers, and other media. God bless you all.

G. Frank Shedivy


Dear Joey and Sonya,

Thank you so very much for making a difference in our lives. We love our new home! Joey there is no question in our minds why you are awarded with outstanding real estate recognition. Our experience was awesome, as you exhibited kindness, caring, compassion, and understanding for our needs and desires. Thank you for all that you both have done for us. We are also grateful for the beautiful "Moose Hollow" basket.

With Sincere Gratitude,

 Keith, Doris, and Drew Dickerson


Dear Joey and Sonya,

We are touched beyond words with your kindness toward us. The gifts you gave us added so much to our home and just brought things together. Everytime we come to Murphy, I always want to go to Moose Hollow to look at the beautiful and unique things. It is our "wish store". And then to recieve the gift bag loaded with special gifts picked out for our home by you spoke such love to us, and made us feel so welcome. It was like recieving gifts from family.

Thank you Joey for all you have done for us in helping us find the lovely properties and for going beyond the call of duty to check things out for us. Thank you for the good heart you have and for lifting Jesus up in the way you treat people.

We want you all to come over and see where we placed your gifts to us. They are in the center of our home and the center of our hearts. The Lord has blessed us through you.


Charles and Glenda Sparks


Dear Sir or Madam:

I appreciate your taking the time to read this letter. I hope it will enlighten you.

Almost two years ago I contacted your firm about the possibilities of purchasing land in your area. The usual questions about what the prices were and availability and such. I spoke with Sonya Reid and she sent me the usual packet of materials from your firm that most real estate companies sent out but there was something that was different and so I filed your information for later reference.

Of course I contacted other realty companies and was flooded with information but something about Appalachian Land Company stood out. Sonya didnt stop when I didn't buy anything. She kept up with me by sending me listings brochures off and on and I felt that although she was of course trying to sell me something that she wasnt pushing...just keeping in touch.

In May of this year the Lord blessed me with quite a large sum of money making it possible to finally really seriously look at land and homes. Needless to say we were astonished and very excited about this blessing and I began to contact realty companies.

I admit that yours was not the first company that I called upon. I had actually already put some earnest money on another house, after only seeing the listing over my e-mail and began to make plans to come to North Carolina to look at homes. Something about Appalachian Land Company kept sticking in my mind so I pulled out the last brochure that Sonya had sent to me and gave her a call. She remembered me and was very excited about our blessing and welcomed our visit with open arms. I must have called her a million times before the trip about little things and my husband told me that I was going to drive her so crazy that she wouldn't want to see us at all.As the day came closer she set up the viewings of the listings that I had approved and everything was go. I had intended to look at the house that we put the money down on first then come to Murphy last but it just came to my mind that I was going backward somehow and I called Sonya again and she was so polite and positive. She rescheduled the viewings for us to see them on the 27th of May so that we could have a smooth schedule.

As usual things didnt go right and we got stuck in Atlanta traffic for 4 hours and called her and told her that we were not going to be able to make it in time and so she had to reset the viewings again without a complaint, still positive.

When we finally arrived in Murphy we were so tired that we collapsed in our hotel room and went to bed but the next day, Sonya was ready to go. We met her at your office so that she could take us to breakfast and begin the viewing circuit. She insisted on paying for our meal and she talked pleasantly while we ate about some of the places that she had in mind that I had not requested to see.

Well the tour began and we looked at about 6 ot 7 homes and then we came to 223 Bobcat Lane. At first I didn't want to look at it because from the rear of the home the view is not appealing but my husband said since Sonya had gone to the trouble we should look.

From the moment I entered the house I could feel the Lord was leading me. Sonya quietly stepped aside and let me look around on my own and afterward I went out on the porch to talk to my husband and at the same time we said that we thought this was the house. Then Sonya informed us that the furniture came with it...right down to the bed sheets. It made the place more of a home.

We told her that we wanted to purchase the home and she was very happy both for herself and for us but her service didnt stop there. We went back to the office and wrote her a earnest check and signed a contract for a pending purchase. We told her it would be a cash purchase and we wanted to close as soon as possible.(I was afraid that it might get away)

Sonya went through all the particulars with us and explained the procedures and we set the date of June 18 for the closing. That was the longest 4 weeks of my life. I called Sonya time and again with questions and seeing how things  were progressing and she remained patient and kind.

If were not for her professionalism and personal attention to me from the beginning we may have never even seen our wonderful new blessing house. From the very first day that I called Appalachian Land Company over two years ago Sonya Reid was there for me to answer questions and help us right down to giving us the keys of our new home.

Even little details like who was best for water filtration, lawn maintenance, even pest control. I cannot tell you how much of a blessing she was to work with. She made the purchase of our home a success.

I know that this turned out to be a long story, but I wanted you to know the caliber of people you have working for you. I believe that I can say without reservation that not only is Sonya a completely competent professional in her job, Sonya has become a real friend to me and I hope that will continue as we live in our blessing house. I even named it "Far and Away".

We plan to use it to accommodate friends from our Church family who want to take a vacation but feel they cannot afford one to take one because of hotel costs. They can come and stay in our blessing home and recieve a blessing too.

I just felt you should know.

In His Service,

Janie Coleman


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Steve Crowe:

Petrona and I would like to thank Joey and Sonya Reid, along with Connie Watkins for all their hard work and kindness that they have shown to us since the first day we arrived in Murphy, North Carolina.

Joey Reid has dedicated a lot of time showing us properties and has always tried to make himself available, even though he is always busy.

I would also like to say THANKS to the rest of your staff who have shown themselves to be very courteous and professional.

Joey and Connie have always stayed in touch with my wife and I about everything that's been taking place with the properties which we have purchased through Appalachian Land Company.

If you would like any additional references, please feel free to contact us.

Sincerely Yours,

Robert and Petrona Jones


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Crowe,

After 3 years of searching for a home in the mountains, we finally found the one for us.

Appalachian Land kept sending us listings of property in the area. Your agent had a lot of patience over the years showing us around. He and his wife are very personable and genuinely interested with helping us. I think they are a great asset to your agency. Everyone in the office was friendly and helpful.

We would recommend Appalachian Land to anyone buying or selling their property.


Hilda and Joe Willig


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Crowe:

Our search for a home in the mountains started six years ago. We obtained a phone number from the back of a real-estate book that assured us of periodicals from agencys in the West and Central North Carolina area. After about four months, these listings stopped...except for one, Appalachian Land Company.

Appalachian listings came every three to four months without fail, I would look as forward to recieving them as I would a favorite magazine subscription.

During those six years we were beset by the illness and eventual death of both my parents, not to mention a brain tumor at the base of Aimee's skull the size of a tangerine, the list goes on, but those listings sent to me by Appalachian "kept the dream alive". Besides the listings, I would often find great relief in the Christian stories and scripture quotes, they often came during a down time for my family and I, strange, they sometimes seemed to have some kind of message in them just for me.

For me, loyalty has always been a big thing, so was it no suprise that when we once again started our trek lookin for that special place, that we went to your company first? We hadn't even found a place to stay before we stopped late that Aug. 9th afternoon.

That was the first time I met Joey Reid, his wife Sonya had been the one sending me the listing's all those years, but she was out at the time, Joey placed me at ease right off the bat, very likable with other qualities that only one can sense in a first meeting with someone.

On Aug. 10th, he showed us several properties, then took us to (his favorite) a new listing, a little more than we had planned, but we fell for it right from the beginning.

We looked at the inside on Aug. 11,(Friday) thought about it over the weekend, made and offer on Monday the 14th and closed, SIXTEEN DAYS LATER..........

During that time, I got to know Joey and Sonya Reid, we had many conversations about our family, our parents, and our religious beliefs. He became not only a person I wanted to know, but one I would be proud to call my friend.

There is no question in my mind, that without his unwavering attention to detail, and his true and honest commitment to see us in that house that none of the above would have been possible. He set us up with Shelly Nicholson at Home Bank, then continued to maintain a dialogue with her to insure continuity in everything that needed to be done, even calling in a few favors to ensure timely completion on some necessary requirements needed for closing.

But this impressive experience extended even beyond Joey, and it would be an injustice to overlook Connie his assistant, Carol on the from desk, David who took the initial offer to sell from the previous owner, and other members of your staff.

It soon became obvious to me that I was not only dealing with a Realty Company, but a true team of people who not only worked together, but shared friendship and admiration for each other.

I could talk and write for days about my experience with Appalachian and I am deeply touched now as I recall all that they did for us. But then again, this is Western North Carolina, Murphy, and above all Appalachian Land Company and I know that were it not for the Grace of God we would not have settled here.


May God bless you all.

With Deepest Appreciation to Joey and Your Staff,

Jim and Aimee Bowman


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Crowe:

We selected Appalachian Land Company from a number of respondents to our request for information regarding homes for sale in the Murphy area because your Christian testimony was in your brochure.

Sonya Reid, our sales agent, was very knowledgeable about the area. She was able to locate a home for us to purchase within a week. She was very helpful in answering all of our questions regarding everything from the best places for shopping to medical services. It was a real pleasure working with Sonya.

We feel like we received excellent and superior service from the entire team of professionals at Appalachian Land Company. We would highly recommend doing business with your real estate company to anyone interested in  purchasing homes and/or property.

Cordially yours,

Rick and Virginia Lindvig


When I saw that Appalachian Land Co. was operated on a Christian foundation I knew I had selected the right company. Working with Sonya Reid was wonderful she knew exactly what I wanted and helped me find it. Everyone I came in contact with at Appalachian was very helpful and friendly. My future business will be with Sonya.

Christi Hart


To Whom it may concern,

It is Sharon's and my pleasure to tell the world about the satisfaction that we had with Sonya Reid as she helped us purchase our new home in Murphy, N.C.

We were living 360 miles away and moving ourselves with three separate RYDER truck loads.

She helped us make a very satisfactory contract for a renewal when we had trouble selling our existing home.

She arranged a smooth closing with the lawyer... even in the face of a forced two day reschedule of the date.

She helped get us two young gentlemen to help us unload the second truck.

When you have Sonya...you get Joey, her husband, too...if needed...and we did! Joey helped.

She answered every question and solved every problem quickly and with grace and  spirit.

She always wears a smile and is ready to please.

She had the support of a super office staff too.

Sonya was recommended to us...and we highly recommend her to you.


Dave and Sharon Hotchkkiss


Dear Steve and Jo,

Valerie and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for a wonderful experience with the purchase of our "dream home". We would like to thank especially Sonya Reid and Connie for making the purchase and closing a good experience even though it was mostly through the mail from Florida through Murphy to New York.

We contacted Sonya to look at homes, because she had been so helpful in helping Valerie and I find and old friends address in Murphy when we were there on vacation.

We were not disappointed, Sonya found several homes that were in our price range. After spending a day with her, we found what we were looking for.

So the process of paper work began. Through Sonya and Connie, we were able to get to closing with little problem. Even after the closing Sonya and Connie are hard at work and have given us to renters to get us started in the "rental business".

We would recommend Sonya and your staff to any of our friends and family. Everyone at your office is always helpful, friendly, and polite.

Many Thanks,

Ron and Valerie Rousey


Steve and Jo Crowe,

I'm writing to let you know how satisfied my husband and I were with the excellent and superior service we recieved from Appalachian Land Company.

We were very impressed with the friendliness of everyone i your office. They made us feel very welcome.

Your agent, Joey Reid, was very professional, knowledgeable, honest, and courteous in finding us a home in Murphy, N.C. Joey was very informative about the area, and answered all of our numerous questions. Joey's "friendly personality" really won us over.

Joey, a "BIG THANK YOU" for all your time and efforts spent with us. We certainly had you going all over Murphy in order to satisfy us.

I also must not forget to mention "Connie" who took my numerous phone calls, answered my questions, and quickly sent me all the information I needed. Thank you, Connie!

We, now feel we are a party of the Appalachian Land Company family. We wouldn't think of doing business with any other realtor. We surely would recommend Appalachian Land Company to all of our friends, relatives, and other neighbors who might be interesed in relocating in Murphy. May God bless you all!


Helen Budlong


To Whom It May Concern:

We would like to take this opportunity to commend you, The Appalachian Land Company, and your sales associate Mr. Joey Reid.

While in the Western North Carolina area, we made contact with the Appalachian Land Company and were introduced to Mr. Reid. After a brief discussion pertaining to our desire to view certain properties, Mr. Reid provided an introductory tour of the Murphy area and explained many of the features and advantages of the Murphy community. Mr. Reid happily showed us several areas, which included properties in the area of Five Forks, which is currently being developed. We were shown homes and home sites and fell in love with the area and subsequently purchased a home site.

Although Mr. Reid and the Appalachian Land Company represented the seller of the home site, they showed genuine concern for our interests as well. The professionalism shown by Mr. Reid coupled with his expertise and knowledge of Western North Carolina enabled us to complete this transaction with the utmost confidence in our decision.

We sincerely want to thank Mr. Reid and the staff of the Appalachian Land Company for their professionalism and genuine desire to assist us in purchasing our property. We have recommended Mr. Reid and the Appalachian Land Company to many of our friends and relatives and will continue to do so.


Larry and Darlene Hamilton


I recently moved my family to Murphy from Maine and contacted Sonya Reid to help me find a home to purchase as she had helped my mother purchase her home here a few months earlier when she had moved here also from Maine. I told Sonya what type of home I was looking for and my price range and she didn't waste my time showing me homes out of my price range. She also gave me knowledgeable advice on homes I found through the real estate guides and thought I might want to view. I bought a home that fits my needs prefectly and was in my price range. Not only Sonya but your office staff Carol and Connie helped me by answering the many questions I had being new to the area. Sonya was available to show me homes when it was convienent for me and I couldn't have had a smoother home purchase than I did with your company. Sonya, Connie, and Carol also helped me find insurance companies, utilities, etc. I absolutely love my new home and feel your prices on homes are reasonable and fair. I have told everyone who knows I have purchased a new home who was my real estate company and have nothing but praise for your team. I want to thank you for your dedication and willingness to listen to what your customers needs and wants are.


Dawn M. Lovejoy


Dear Mr. Crowe,

Having been a customer sales and service representative for 21 of my 30 year career with Bell South, I know a real gem of an employee when I see one.

I am writing to tell you of a most wonderful experience my husband and I had with your employee, Joey Reid.

We have been coming up to the Hiawassee area for 7 years, and looked at land every time with many different realtors without any success. Joey, however, asked us what we were looking for and in 1 1/2 days showed us so many wonderful sites we had trouble trying to make a decision. The experience with him was GREAT! He knew the area so well, was very knowledgable, answered all of our questions, was so honest, and most of all was just so down to earth with a great personality.

We want you to know what an exemplary employee you have and how Joey turned past unpleasant real estate shopping ventures into one really great one.

Please take the time out of your busy day to commend Joey for a job well done!


Brian and Karen Davis


Dear Mr and Mrs. Crowe:

My wife Jeanie and I would like to convey how pleased we are with the service we have received from your company.

Originally we were scheduled to see property with an agent from another firm. We had a standingapointment for 30 days prior to our trip to Murphy only to have the agent cancel and recommend we reschedule our trip! Fortunately Sonya Reid agreed to work with us on short notice. She and her assistant, Rhonda Stone made us feel welcome and very quickly lined up several properties for us to view. This was our first time ever in Murphy, but we loved the area so much and loved working with Sonya and Rhonda that we contracted to buy a home with Sonya after only 24 hours in Murphy!

We have sinced purchased vacant land through Joey Reid and have enjoyed working with him and his very capable assistant Connie Watkins. We have absolutely no reservations about referring our friends and acquaintances to Joey and Sonya, and look forward to working with them in the future.

And realizing that the first person your customers have contact with can "make you or break you," we have nothing but praise for Gayle, Michelle and Carol who are always warm, friendly and efficient on the phone or at the reception desk. Additionally, the first weekly rental of our Murphy home was a referral from your company. Your agents and staff continue to exceed our expectations and we feel this should be shared with you.

Warmest Regards,

Brad Shearer, President Easton West Properties, Inc.



Dear Sonya and Joey;

We wanted to write and express our heartfelt thanks for all the hard work you and your company did to make our daughter and son-in-laws dreams come true. It has been a rough road these last few months and they have you to thank for your dedication and kindness. When they were ready to give up, you encouraged them.

We love the house and see Brigitte, Mark and family living there for years to come. They are so happy and now eagerly await the birth of their first son!!! He will have his own room thanks to you.

Murphy is very fortunate to have caring Real Estate Brokers to help in the selling and buying process. Not only were you their agents, you became their advisors and friends.

In the spring our youngest son hopes to sell his house that is currently being rented. You can be sure he will call on you to make the saloe become a reality.

Again our thanks.

May you and your family have a blessed and prosperous New Year.


Colleen and Steve Runyan


Dear Jo,

We sincerely thank you and all your staff, for the friendliest and most efficient handling during the selection and purchase of our cabin! Your team is nothing short of "Professional"! We have already spread the word down here in Florida, that Appalachian Land Company is ONLY realty to do business with in NC !

Sonya Reid is a most professional, knowledgeable, honest, friendly and ever so funny, but never pushy broker! She was swift and skillful in helping us find THE perfect cabin. She not only helped us narrow our search down but said, "If Ya'll would just trust me, I know every cabin in this area. I know exactly what you are looking for and will help you find what you want." With Sonya's expertise, we "culled" the properties we didn't want. We chose to trust Sonya's experience and in only a matter of about 7 hours, including driving time we found the perfect cabin for our retirement!

Not only were we impressed with Sonya, but her very efficient assistant, Rhonda, was "Johnny on the spot" bringing in papers she knew Sonya wopuld need, without having to be asked. She was like the surgery nurse assisting a doctor in the OR, knowing in advance what instument to hand him, and when. Very impressive.

This is our second experience with Appalachian Land Company and again it was truly a joy. Thank you for your superior service!


Rick & Linda Eggers



Sonya & Joey,

We just want to express our gratitude for all your help in both selling our current home and advice with buying our new one. Times are tough and only the strong will survive. You and your TEAM have nothing to worry about!

It was a no brainer when we decided to list our house who we would list with. We trust you and Joey and because of that we trust your team. Trust is a big word in this day and time, and when you are just as happy to give after hours advise on a home, in another state, that I should ask the realtor I'm working with there but don't because the comfort level wasn't felt....in my opinion says it all.

Our experience with your team is above and beyond our expectations. Everyone called us by name, all documents were always ready and waiting, all calls returned. What more could you ask for ?...Oh yea, then there's Rhonda.

Rhonda we are going to miss you. Who else can take the 45 calls and 50 other items Sonya doesn't even know about, fix or solve the problems, and report what a "wonderful day at Appalachian Land " it is? You are very good at what you do  For all we know , John and I are your only customers, that's how we felt and that is good.

Today my family starts another chapter in our lives. We close on the house that we thought was our "forever home" and as I write this letter, the concrete trucks arrive to pour the foundation for our new "forever home".

Thanks again to you and your exceptional team!!!!!


John & Traci Anderson




"We would like to put pen to paper and put into words the appreciation we feel while "working" with Joey and Sonya Reid.

They have gone out of their way to find us our retirement home in Murphy.  Their hospitality, time and patience was never ending.  The world could use more Joeys and Sonyas.

My wife and I are counting the days we can become permanent residents and find a church to join.

Your company can be proud to have the Reids as employees at all times their professionalism, courtesy and friendliness shown bright

We'd like to also thank Connie, Colleen for their helpfulness.  Your staff is truly one of a kind!  We will be doing business with Appalachian again in the very near future.

Stephen & Tina Martin



March 1, 2015


In December, we heard about Murphy from a friend and I went on the internet to find information about this town.  I called a number listed and asked for real estate companies that I could get in touch with in the area.  I left messages in 3 locations of what my husband and I would be interested in. I received one response, from the Appalachian Land Company.  I called and set up an appointment with a lady named Sonya.


When we arrived in Murphy on Saturday morning, Sonya met us and showed us only what we had asked to see.  We did not find anything that we were interested in at first.  Then she showed us a listing in another company which fit us perfectly.  We asked her how to put in a bid, figuring that it would be back and forth for a couple of weeks.  She said she would call the other agent and see what could be done.  We were going to find a quick place to eat lunch and she said to meet her back at the company in a couple of hours. Before we could eat our lunch, Sonya found us and said that the seller had accepted our offer.  We were amazed-we met back at the office and she and her husband, Joey, carefully and slowly went over paperwork with us-explaining every item.  We had bought 4 other properties before and never were treated so well. The company kept in touch with us, and the closing went easily and quickly through the mail less than a month later. Sonya called us as soon as the paperwork was filed.  What a wonderful and organized company.  My nephew is looking for property in North Carolina and I have given him the name of your company already.




Harland & Cheryl Dillenbeck




December 9, 2015


Dear Mrs. Joines:


I would like to write a letter of recommendation for Sonya Reid.  She recently represented me in the sale of my home in Murphy.


My husband and I moved to Murphy in 1996 and I have been a friend to Sonya for a number of those years though we had lost touch over the past few years.  I wanted to sell my home and didn't feel it was getting enough exposure.  I began to hear praises of Sonya's outstanding sales record regarding sales in my area.


One Sunday afternoon, I decided to go on Sonya's website and ask her to contact me regarding the possible sale of my home.  I had an answer within an hour.  Sonya was in my home within 48 hours and we were signing a contract to sell.  My home sold for what I was asking and it sold in about 2 weeks.


She is the same with everyone she meets: interested in them, and in their desires.  She gave helpful advice and was ALWAYS available to me.  My phone calls were always returned within 24 hours- sometimes late into the evening.  My satisfaction was uppermost in her mind.  And if I had a question or suggestion and Sonya was tied up, she made certain that my call was returned within a day's time by someone who had knowledge of my file.


I would recomend Sonya Reid to anyone who wishes to sell their home or is looking for one to buy.  Her personal reputation is stellar and she will never disappoint anyone she is working with.  Her qualities are rare, especially in the realm of Real Estate.


Thank you for being in Murphy.  I appreciate the unusual and welcomed service your company provides.




Carolyn King




October 20, 2015


Dear Jo,


We want to drop a quick note to talk a minute about Sonya Reid.


Sonya was so helpful and truly patient with Larry & I-  covered 28 homes in a 3 1/2 day period- & a lot of laughs!


We felt so comfortable with Sonya, she answered all of the many questions without hesitation, by the end of that week, we not only purchased the Vinson home, but felt like we made true friends with the Reids, both Sonya, Joey, & some of her family that passed through Murphy.


Feeling Blessed to have chosen Appalachian!


Larry Libby


Liz Colonso




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